<b style="color:#ff0000">LIMITED</b><br />Tavik Replicant - Mens Image
<b style="color:#ff0000">LIMITED</b><br />Tavik Replicant - Mens<b style="color:#ff0000">LIMITED</b><br />Tavik Replicant - Mens<b style="color:#ff0000">LIMITED</b><br />Tavik Replicant - Mens

Tavik Replicant - Mens

Product Information
The Tavik Replicant bomber jacket is an IN+ERFACE compatible insulator liner. This lightweight quilted jacket can be worn alone or easily zipped into the Eldon Jacket for an added layer of defense against the elements. Features include rib collar and cuffs, chest pocket, media eyelet, dual zone chest pocket system, and dual hand warmer pockets. The Replicant is constructed from a lightweight nylon featuring our heat retention technology, which is engineered for maximum warmth and comfort. Black. Audi rings embroidered on right bicep. Machine wash cold. Classic Fit.
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Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger Story

M.R.K.T. is a Los Angeles-based accessories label established in 2010 by Harvard-trained architect, Tom Pen. Our designs are inspired by architectural concepts of clean and pure form. Structure, function and material innovation are our guides as we push the boundaries of design in every bag we create. MAD RABBIT KICKING TIGER reflects the thriving urban streets of the world where creativity radiates, unconventional ideas are tested, and individuality inspires. The concept represents two driving forces, consisting of an unyielding inner creative energy responsible for conceptualizing the creative visions of the design and the kinetic release of the creative impulse in which transforms the creative visions into a tangible design. M.R.K.T. draws its futuristic and functional inspiration from the modern architectural surroundings and from the minds of artistic intellects. The culmination of this duality functions to represent the modern class of trendy and intelligent urban explorers of knowledge, design, and art.

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