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Vanmoof Electric BikeVanmoof Electric BikeVanmoof Electric BikeVanmoof Electric BikeVanmoof Electric BikeVanmoof Electric BikeVanmoof Electric BikeVanmoof Electric BikeVanmoof Electric BikeVanmoof Electric Bike

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Vanmoof Electric Bike

Product Information
They have taken the iconic VanMoof bike and filled it with all the tech you need to get effortlessly from A to B. Boost your pedaling power, control the lights, and check your charge using the intelligent dashboard integrated into the frame. The VanMoof Electrified's genius doesn't stop there however. An electric-assist motor tucks invisibly into the front wheel and is powered by an integrated battery, while built-in GPS tracking lets you find your bike if it’s lost or stolen.

  • Electric assist: boosts your own pedaling power by an astonishing 80%, thanks to its intelligent power-assistance technology and 250w front hub motor.

  • Integrated battery: powerful battery will give you up to 60 km of range on a single charge, and is completely integrated into the frame of the bike.

  • Integrated dashboard: An intelligent dashboard built into the frame gives you complete control over your riding experience. Turn your electric-assist up or down, power your lights on and off, and track how much charge your battery still has.

  • Anti-Theft tracking: Who says cycle technology can't learn from the car industry? The VanMoof Electrified comes with an ingenious system to help you retrieve your bicycle in the event of loss or theft.

  • 24-37 miles range
  • Automatic 2-speed gear
  • GPS location tracking
  • Front and rear disc-brake
  • Light weight: 19.5 kg
  • Rider height: 160 cm - 200 cm

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    Disclaimer: Always ride safely. Always wear your ANSI or Snell-approved helmet. Elbow and kneepads are a good idea for protection from injuries including laceration in the event of a fall. Keep speed under control. Even at slow speeds, serious injury or death can occur. Use of proper safety gear, training, riding within your skill level, and using common sense, can reduce your risk of injury or death. Know how to stop before you begin riding. Never hitch a ride from any moving vehicle. Follow all traffic and pedestrian rules. Always inspect your bicycle before you ride.

    Not intended for ages 12 and under.

    VANMOOF® is a registered trademark of Carlier Group, B.V.
    List Price$3,200.00
    Our Price$3,000.00
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