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VanMoof 3-Speed Step-InVanMoof 3-Speed Step-InVanMoof 3-Speed Step-InVanMoof 3-Speed Step-In

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VanMoof 3-Speed Step-In

Product Information
The VanMoof 3-Speed Step-In has been engineered with the city-dweller in mind. Whether you're zipping across Manhattan, London or Berlin, this is a bike that will get you from A to B in utmost style, safety and speed. Its lightweight aluminum frame draws inspiration from the iconic Amsterdam bike and makes for an effortless ride, accented by fenders in a gorgeous, golden hue. Tuck all your most valuable possessions into the revolutionary middle-storage compartment, and be seen in all conditions thanks to the powerful integrated lights. The four rings has met its two-wheeled match. Black. Anodized aluminum frame. Audi decal. Accommodates riders between 155-200 cm height.

MSRP $1149.95

Expedited shipping is not available for this item. Disclaimer: Always ride safely. Always wear your ANSI or Snell-approved helmet. Elbow and kneepads are a good idea for protection from injuries including laceration in the event of a fall. Keep speed under control. Even at slow speeds, serious injury or death can occur. Use of proper safety gear, training, riding within your skill level, and using common sense, can reduce your risk of injury or death. Know how to stop before you begin riding. Never hitch a ride from any moving vehicle. Follow all traffic and pedestrian rules. Always inspect your bicycle before you ride. Not intended for ages 12 and under.

VANMOOF® is a registered trademark of Carlier Group, B.V.
Our Price$1,149.95
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