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Price: $55.00


Enhance the rear of any Audi model with this black pearl license plate frame. For rear plate only. Installs with 9/16", screws.

Check your local county or state regulations prior to installing plate frames. Some designs may not be permitted in certain districts.



Black pearl Audi Sport license plate frame 8K0071801

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Black pearl Audi Sport license plate frame

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Audi A5 owner, AUS, 8/30/2012
Love it a lot. I am not from the U.S. Want to ask about the dimensions of this license plate frame. Anyone kind enough to give me a rough estimate? Thanks in advance!
Brett in Kansas City, 8/24/2012
I spray painted this frame glossy black and purchased some black screw covers from Amazon. Then I removed the plate backing from the car (just some torx bolts holding it on) and carved off the edges with a hack saw so that this plate cover fits perfectly onto the plate backing (it looks weird having the plate backing stick out beyond the edges of the plate cover.) Having a solid glossy black plate cover like this looks great on my 2012 meteor gray S5.
Nz, 8/27/2011
Very nice
Nz, 8/27/2011
Very nice
Ryan, 3/18/2011
The color is perfect for black Audis, not too shiny and not too dark either. I wish it comes with own screws.