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Cockpit Care For plastic interior components. 10 oz. spray bottle. Anti-static to repel dust. Fresh fragrance. Semi-gloss effect. Brings colors back to life. What sets the Audi cockpit apart is its functional, elegant, and sporty design and its quality crafted materials. Cockpit Care was specially developed for these materials. Use it to clean the dashboard, gear lever, consoles and interior trim. The product's anti-static properties help repel dust and make future cleanings easier.



Cockpit care 00A096307 015

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Cockpit care

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Audi_A6quattroNicoya209, 11/26/2012
this stuff is amazing. have no complaints about it. My 2001 A6 Avant looks beautiful inside after using this...
Aldo, 9/2/2012
Excellent product and like others said before, it doesn't leave your car smelling like cheap ArmorAll product (particularly when u want to keep that new car scent :-) !
Tim W., 1/5/2012
Typically I use cleaning products that one can get from AutoZone. I do not like high gloss interior cleaning/protectant products. I always like to try something new and figured why not "treat" our 2009 A4 & 2012 A6 to something that Audi makes. This is an aresol spray bottle...not a pump spray. It makes application of the product very easy and consistent. It does EXACTLY what it says it does.....almost matte finish and does not smell like a chemical bath. I was pleasantly surprised in how effective it was. It didn't leave any blotches of glossiness as some other brands do. My sucess with this product makes me want to try some others in the Audi line.