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Price: $371.00


Attractive cooling bag in Audi design with Peltier technology.  CFC-free, with carrying strap and 12-volt connection.  Cools to maximum of 20 degrees below surrounding temperature.  Holds approximately 12 liters.



Cooling bag 4L0065402

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Cooling bag

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Sicario, 9/28/2013
Way way overpriced, similar bags to this can be purchased for under 100?bucks.
Johnny Boy, 5/1/2013
This is stupid fresh! Its like a refrigerator but in the trunk of your automobile,just a insulated bag nothing more nothing less it is what it is!
S4 Driver, 10/30/2011
I have not bought this product yet but wanted to comment on the negative review by Mr. A8. Of course the cooler will shut off when the engine is turned off. The power to the rear power plug automaticlly goes off. If it remained on it would run down your car battery and then you wouldn't be able to start your car! Apparently Mr. A8 ain't no genius.
Mr. A8 *, 6/20/2011
cooler bag is well constucted but it shuts off when motor is turned off. Contents will spoil.
jose lopez-cintron, 5/9/2011
i will like more inforfmation size,maker waranty