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Price: $38.00


Highly-Polished Stainless Steel License Plate Frame, customized to fit your Audi. Matching polished hardware hiders included.



Slimline license plate frame - Polished ZAW071801B

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Slimline license plate frame - Polished

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Lorelai, 9/9/2014
I bought this frame for my Audi Q5 and put it on the back frame. I love the way it looks and it fits perfectly without obstructing the plate itself- However- the plastic screw covers- I could not get them to stay on despite trying several different length screws which was tricky because of the foam padding that is in place to protect the back of the car. The screws the dealer had put on for me when I picked my new car up are very short so I could not use those. Screws obviously don't come with the frame. The plastic covers would come loose and eventually fall off so I decided I don't really need them after all. I bought new stainless steel screws that look just as shiny as the frame. The front I have yet to do. This is a beautiful looking frame with the Audi rings on the bottom which adds a nice touch. Worth the price tag.