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At the Audi Club North America merchandise store, you can choose and purchase from a selection of Audi and Audi Club branded products curated by Audi Club North America for its owners and enthusiasts. Large or custom orders can be made available upon request for chapter events and needs by contacting Mollie Hughes at mollie.hughes@audi.com.


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quattro USB / Ballpoint Pen Thumbnailquattro Cap ThumbnailCeramic Lined Copper Vacuum Tumbler Thumbnail
quattro USB / Ballpoint Penquattro CapCeramic Lined Copper Vacuum Tumbler
Cross Hatch Pullover ThumbnailScoopneck T-Shirt - Ladies ThumbnailVarious Keytags for Audi Thumbnail
Cross Hatch PulloverScoopneck T-Shirt - LadiesVarious Keytags for Audi
Adventure Packable Jacket ThumbnailCable Rib Beanie ThumbnailMechanic Shirt - Mens Thumbnail
Adventure Packable JacketCable Rib BeanieMechanic Shirt - Mens
Multi Stripe Toque ThumbnailThe Standard Knit Cap ThumbnailDrifter Hybrid Jacket - Mens Thumbnail
Multi Stripe ToqueThe Standard Knit CapDrifter Hybrid Jacket - Mens
Powerbank/Flashlight MultiTool ThumbnailWaterproof Cotton Cap ThumbnailExecutive Rollerball Thumbnail
Powerbank/Flashlight MultiToolWaterproof Cotton CapExecutive Rollerball
Charmer Satin Jersey T-Shirt - Ladies ThumbnailCamelbak Kickbak ThumbnailIngolstadt, Germany Design Map Beanie Thumbnail
Charmer Satin Jersey T-Shirt - LadiesCamelbak KickbakIngolstadt, Germany Design Map Beanie
Tavik Altera ThumbnailLe Canal Water Bottle ThumbnailOasis Water Bottle Thumbnail
Tavik AlteraLe Canal Water BottleOasis Water Bottle
I Love RS T-Shirt ThumbnailSport Duffel Bag ThumbnailLeather Journal Thumbnail
I Love RS T-ShirtSport Duffel BagLeather Journal
Technik Pullover ThumbnailAudi Sport Heritage T-Shirt ThumbnailVacation Sweatshirt - Mens Thumbnail
Technik PulloverAudi Sport Heritage T-ShirtVacation Sweatshirt - Mens
Namaste Pullover - Ladies ThumbnailHalf Zip Sweater with Elbow Patch - Mens ThumbnailFlight Jacket - Mens Thumbnail
Namaste Pullover - LadiesHalf Zip Sweater with Elbow Patch - MensFlight Jacket - Mens
Ombre Blanket ThumbnailFleece Quarter Zip - Mens ThumbnailDrifter Hybrid Jacket - Ladies Thumbnail
Ombre BlanketFleece Quarter Zip - MensDrifter Hybrid Jacket - Ladies
Ingolstadt, Germany Cap ThumbnailAudi Sport Comic Print Cap ThumbnailAudi Sport Comic Print Mug Thumbnail
Ingolstadt, Germany CapAudi Sport Comic Print CapAudi Sport Comic Print Mug
Checkered Scarf ThumbnailOGIO Endurance Pulse Crew - Mens ThumbnailIngolstadt, Germany Design Map Scarf Thumbnail
Checkered ScarfOGIO Endurance Pulse Crew - MensIngolstadt, Germany Design Map Scarf
Saturday Sweatshirt - Ladies ThumbnailUnder Armour Long Sleeve Polo ThumbnailIngolstadt, Germany Bonded Jacket - Mens Thumbnail
Saturday Sweatshirt - LadiesUnder Armour Long Sleeve PoloIngolstadt, Germany Bonded Jacket - Mens
Audi Sport Motorsport Bear - Small ThumbnailCross Classic Refillable Notebook ThumbnailSaxony Polo - Ladies Thumbnail
Audi Sport Motorsport Bear - SmallCross Classic Refillable NotebookSaxony Polo - Ladies
Ingolstadt Full Zip - Ladies Thumbnail<b style="color:#ff0000">LIMITED</b><br />Tavik Dirt Shirt - Ladies ThumbnailCream Infinity Scarf Thumbnail
Ingolstadt Full Zip - LadiesLIMITED
Tavik Dirt Shirt - Ladies
Cream Infinity Scarf
OGIO Cadmium Jacket - Ladies ThumbnailOGIO Cadmium Jacket - Mens ThumbnailR8 Ballpoint Pen Thumbnail
OGIO Cadmium Jacket - LadiesOGIO Cadmium Jacket - MensR8 Ballpoint Pen
TT Coupe 1:87 Scale Model ThumbnailReversible Sherpa Vest - Ladies ThumbnailAudi Sport Comic Print T-Shirt - Youth Thumbnail
TT Coupe 1:87 Scale ModelReversible Sherpa Vest - LadiesAudi Sport Comic Print T-Shirt - Youth
Carbon Fiber Pattern Umbrella ThumbnailMarmot Variant Jacket - Ladies ThumbnailCircuit Polo - Mens Thumbnail
Carbon Fiber Pattern UmbrellaMarmot Variant Jacket - LadiesCircuit Polo - Mens
Oakley Gym to Street 55L Duffel Bag ThumbnailAudi Sport Comic Print T-Shirt ThumbnailDTM T-Shirt Thumbnail
Oakley Gym to Street 55L Duffel BagAudi Sport Comic Print T-ShirtDTM T-Shirt
Tavik Simone - Ladies ThumbnailIngolstadt Full Zip - Mens ThumbnailVesper Softshell Jacket Thumbnail
Tavik Simone - LadiesIngolstadt Full Zip - MensVesper Softshell Jacket
Waterproof Cotton Jacket ThumbnailAudi Sport Backpack Thumbnail<b style="color:#ff0000">LIMITED</b><br />Tavik Stafford Crewneck - Mens Thumbnail
Waterproof Cotton JacketAudi Sport BackpackLIMITED
Tavik Stafford Crewneck - Mens
Heritage Toggle Sweater - Mens ThumbnailFlight Jacket - Ladies ThumbnailUnder Armour Sideline Cap Thumbnail
Heritage Toggle Sweater - MensFlight Jacket - LadiesUnder Armour Sideline Cap
Tavik Bristol - Mens ThumbnailSawyer Wool Duffel ThumbnailJonah Wool Briefcase Thumbnail
Tavik Bristol - MensSawyer Wool DuffelJonah Wool Briefcase
Braven Flye Sport Wireless Earbuds ThumbnailMorley Bluetooth Speaker ThumbnailAudi Sport R8 Peppermill Thumbnail
Braven Flye Sport Wireless EarbudsMorley Bluetooth SpeakerAudi Sport R8 Peppermill
Native Union for Audi Knotted Cable with Marble Block ThumbnailGameday Pullover - Mens Thumbnail3M Piping Melange Jacket - Mens Thumbnail
Native Union for Audi Knotted Cable with Marble BlockGameday Pullover - Mens3M Piping Melange Jacket - Mens
Ingolstadt, Germany Bonded Jacket - Ladies ThumbnailGameday Pullover - Ladies ThumbnailD'Blanc After Hours Sunglasses Thumbnail
Ingolstadt, Germany Bonded Jacket - LadiesGameday Pullover - LadiesD'Blanc After Hours Sunglasses
Brody Wool Duffel ThumbnailHeritage Leisure Bag ThumbnailR8 Coupe 1:87 Scale Model Thumbnail
Brody Wool DuffelHeritage Leisure BagR8 Coupe 1:87 Scale Model
Marmot Variant Jacket - Mens ThumbnailSpyder Stryker Full Zip - Mens ThumbnailMechanic Shirt - Ladies Thumbnail
Marmot Variant Jacket - MensSpyder Stryker Full Zip - MensMechanic Shirt - Ladies
TUMI Metallic Protection Case for iPhone 7/Plus ThumbnailHeritage Chronograph Watch ThumbnailPilsner Gift Set Thumbnail
TUMI Metallic Protection Case for iPhone 7/PlusHeritage Chronograph WatchPilsner Gift Set
3M Piping Melange Jacket - Ladies ThumbnailOGIO Endurance Pulse Crew - Ladies ThumbnailAudi Sport Carbon Chronograph Thumbnail
3M Piping Melange Jacket - LadiesOGIO Endurance Pulse Crew - LadiesAudi Sport Carbon Chronograph
<b style="color:#ff0000">LIMITED</b><br />Tavik One T-Shirt - Mens ThumbnailUrban Messenger Bag ThumbnailSoftShell Jacket - Youth Thumbnail
Tavik One T-Shirt - Mens
Urban Messenger BagSoftShell Jacket - Youth
Oakley Hooded Windbreaker - Ladies ThumbnailCircuit Polo - Ladies ThumbnailCraft Beer Flight Thumbnail
Oakley Hooded Windbreaker - LadiesCircuit Polo - LadiesCraft Beer Flight
TUMI Red Leather Case for iPhone 7/Plus Thumbnail
TUMI Red Leather Case for iPhone 7/Plus
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