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At the Audi Club North America merchandise store, you can choose and purchase from a selection of Audi and Audi Club branded products curated by Audi Club North America for its owners and enthusiasts. Large or custom orders can be made available upon request for chapter events and needs by contacting Mollie Hughes at mollie.hughes@audi.com.

Mens Clothing & Apparel

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quattro T-Shirt ThumbnailUnder Armour Performance Polo - Mens Thumbnail4 Rings T-Shirt- Mens Thumbnail
quattro T-ShirtUnder Armour Performance Polo - Mens4 Rings T-Shirt- Mens
Audi Oval Tee Thumbnailquattro Topography T-Shirt ThumbnailAudi Sport DTM T-Shirt Thumbnail
Audi Oval Teequattro Topography T-ShirtAudi Sport DTM T-Shirt
Rennen Pullover ThumbnailWaterproof Cotton Cap ThumbnailUnder Armour 1/4 Zip Pullover - Mens Thumbnail
Rennen PulloverWaterproof Cotton CapUnder Armour 1/4 Zip Pullover - Mens
Audi R8 LMS GT3 Tee ThumbnailTechnik Pullover ThumbnailShifter Socks Thumbnail
Audi R8 LMS GT3 TeeTechnik PulloverShifter Socks
Metro Quarter Zip - Mens ThumbnailHelium Polo - Mens ThumbnailSaturday Sweatshirt - Mens Thumbnail
Metro Quarter Zip - MensHelium Polo - MensSaturday Sweatshirt - Mens
Adidas Heather Sport Polo - Mens ThumbnailCircuit Polo - Mens ThumbnailRaceway Polo - Mens Thumbnail
Adidas Heather Sport Polo - MensCircuit Polo - MensRaceway Polo - Mens
R8 Dress Socks ThumbnailCarbon Fiber Print Socks Thumbnailquattro Dress Socks Thumbnail
R8 Dress SocksCarbon Fiber Print Socksquattro Dress Socks
Objects in Mirror T-Shirt ThumbnailAdventure Packable Jacket ThumbnailAudi e-tron Design Tee Thumbnail
Objects in Mirror T-ShirtAdventure Packable JacketAudi e-tron Design Tee
Heritage Polo Shirt ThumbnailTri-Color Sweatshirt ThumbnailRally Car quattro T-Shirt Thumbnail
Heritage Polo ShirtTri-Color SweatshirtRally Car quattro T-Shirt
Audi Sport All Season Pullover - Mens ThumbnailDiamond Pattern Socks ThumbnailHeritage Polo - Mens Thumbnail
Audi Sport All Season Pullover - MensDiamond Pattern SocksHeritage Polo - Mens
R8 Measurements T-Shirt ThumbnailUnder Armour Ultimate Windshirt ThumbnailFlight Jacket - Mens Thumbnail
R8 Measurements T-ShirtUnder Armour Ultimate WindshirtFlight Jacket - Mens
Audi B Evolution T-Shirt ThumbnailWaterproof Cotton Jacket Thumbnailquattro S Curve T-Shirt Thumbnail
Audi B Evolution T-ShirtWaterproof Cotton Jacketquattro S Curve T-Shirt
Gas/Brake Dress Socks ThumbnailUnder Armour Long Sleeve Button Down - Mens ThumbnailNorth Face Far North Fleece Jacket Thumbnail
Gas/Brake Dress SocksUnder Armour Long Sleeve Button Down - MensNorth Face Far North Fleece Jacket
Heritage Polo Shirt Thumbnailquattro Kurbel Jacket - Mens ThumbnailUnder Armour Rain Jacket Thumbnail
Heritage Polo Shirtquattro Kurbel Jacket - MensUnder Armour Rain Jacket
OGIO Cadmium Jacket - Mens ThumbnailCross Hatch Pullover ThumbnailDrifter Hybrid Jacket - Mens Thumbnail
OGIO Cadmium Jacket - MensCross Hatch PulloverDrifter Hybrid Jacket - Mens
Audi A7 Design Tee Thumbnailadidas Climacool Engineered Stripe Sport Shirt ThumbnailUnder Armour Long Sleeve Polo Thumbnail
Audi A7 Design Teeadidas Climacool Engineered Stripe Sport ShirtUnder Armour Long Sleeve Polo
New Era Baseball Full-Zip Jacket - Mens ThumbnailAdidas Heathered 1/4 Zip - Mens ThumbnailUnder Armour Expanse 1/4 Zip Thumbnail
New Era Baseball Full-Zip Jacket - MensAdidas Heathered 1/4 Zip - MensUnder Armour Expanse 1/4 Zip
adidas 3-Stripes Shoulder Polo ThumbnailTom Kristensen for Audi - Carbon Aviator ThumbnailOGIO Endurance Pulse Crew - Mens Thumbnail
adidas 3-Stripes Shoulder PoloTom Kristensen for Audi - Carbon AviatorOGIO Endurance Pulse Crew - Mens
Ingolstadt Germany Bonded Jacket - Mens Thumbnail200 Trans Am T-Shirt ThumbnailTavik Hale Jacket - Mens Thumbnail
Ingolstadt Germany Bonded Jacket - Mens200 Trans Am T-ShirtTavik Hale Jacket - Mens
SportBelt ThumbnailHeritage quattro T-Shirt ThumbnailOGIO Flash Jacket Thumbnail
SportBeltHeritage quattro T-ShirtOGIO Flash Jacket
adidas Climalite Windshirt ThumbnailRoots73 Elkpoint Softshell - Mens ThumbnailMarmot Reactor Jacket Thumbnail
adidas Climalite WindshirtRoots73 Elkpoint Softshell - MensMarmot Reactor Jacket
High Velocity Fleece - Mens ThumbnailAudi Sport Cuff Links ThumbnailTUMI Packable Jacket - Mens Thumbnail
High Velocity Fleece - MensAudi Sport Cuff LinksTUMI Packable Jacket - Mens
Audi Sport Comic Print T-Shirt ThumbnailUnder Armour Ultimate Team Jacket - Mens ThumbnailAudi Sport UA Polo Thumbnail
Audi Sport Comic Print T-ShirtUnder Armour Ultimate Team Jacket - MensAudi Sport UA Polo
Adidas Birdseye Pullover - Mens Thumbnail3M Piping Melange Jacket - Mens ThumbnailMarmot Vest Thumbnail
Adidas Birdseye Pullover - Mens3M Piping Melange Jacket - MensMarmot Vest
Ingolstadt, Germany Hooded Jacket ThumbnailGameday Pullover - Mens ThumbnailTom Kristensen for Audi - Stainless Alu-Mag Aviator Thumbnail
Ingolstadt, Germany Hooded JacketGameday Pullover - MensTom Kristensen for Audi - Stainless Alu-Mag Aviator
Suitsupply for Audi collection - Card Holder + Tile ThumbnailHeritage Leather Jacket ThumbnailBraun Jacket - Mens Thumbnail
Suitsupply for Audi collection - Card Holder + TileHeritage Leather JacketBraun Jacket - Mens
Tavik Eldon Jacket - Mens ThumbnailIngolstadt, Germany Softshell Jacket Thumbnailquattro Gecko Wraparound T-Shirt Thumbnail
Tavik Eldon Jacket - MensIngolstadt, Germany Softshell Jacketquattro Gecko Wraparound T-Shirt
Suitsupply for Audi collection - Travel Wallet ThumbnailSuitsupply for Audi collection - Holdall Suit Carrier ThumbnailReversible Cufflinks Thumbnail
Suitsupply for Audi collection - Travel WalletSuitsupply for Audi collection - Holdall Suit CarrierReversible Cufflinks
Tavik Dirt Shirt - Mens Thumbnail
Tavik Dirt Shirt - Mens
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